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At Liberty Vet Services, we use acupuncture to treat a variety of ailments in pets, from arthritis and musculoskeletal issues to digestive problems and anxiety. We are trained in acupuncture techniques and will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your pet’s unique needs. After almost 20 years of western veterinary medical practice, Dr. Liz began studying to become a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist in 2023 to offer her patients more options for their unusual problems, neuromuscular injuries, and in the area of pain management. She looks forward to offering acupuncture to augment the western medicine her patients are receiving from their general practice veterinarians. Often this may mean she encourages you to see your referring veterinarian for follow up radiographs or blood work to better follow the changes in your pet's condition.

How does acupuncture work? The short version is by stimulating the flow of energy (often nerve impulses or opening blood flow) along the nerves and fascial planes that extend along the body. Fascia is the connective tissue around the muscles and that connects all of the body. By stimulating known points along specific channels that relate to your pet's illness or pain, muscular tension can be released, blood-flow improved, and healing encouraged. Additionally, Dr. Liz often employs low level laser therapy to improve the cellular energy at an injury. Many human and veterinary studies have shown marked improvement of healing with cold laser therapy. You might even have been treated with cold laser therapy at your own Physical Therapist.

Once you schedule an acupuncture session, we will send you a short form to help Dr. Liz begin her evaluation and prepare an individualized treatment. Not all patients are good candidates for acupuncture, but most animals do enjoy it if they can accept the very fine needles used. For those patients who cannot, Dr. Liz can use laser therapy and possibly advise you on alternative therapies that may be able to help your pet. All patients need to be clean and dry for their acupuncture appointment.

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